• Dorian T. Fisk

    Dorian T. Fisk is a multi-award winning genderqueer Scotland-based drag performer known for elaborate looks and high production value performances that run the gamut from irreverent parody to that monster you secretly wish was in rather than under your bed! Featured in The Guardian as one of the UK's most inspirational drag kings, in addition to performing and producing, Glasgow's master of metamorphosis is also the creator and driving force behind Scottish drag king platform Shut Up & King (@shutupandking on Instagram) which spotlights and nurtures the talents within the local king scene with accessible workshops, mentorship and shows.


    After becoming one of the top drag performers in China, winning multiple awards in Shanghai's annual drag contests, he now calls Glasgow home, and in 2021 represented Scotland in drag's answer to Eurovision where he was the only drag king to place in the Top 5. Since then, he has supported RuPaul's Drag Race touring queens, headlined shows in London and produced record-breaking drag king showcases such as this one as well as the first drag king showcase to perform at Scottish Parliament.


    Dorian also regularly speaks about drag for panels, podcasts, radio, and news publications. Scroll down to buy his merch and watch his showreel. Follow Dorian and contact him here  [drag related enquiries only] 

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  • fave lewks

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    Serving a giant slice of modern day Viking. Beard made by Dorian. Photo by Donald Scarr.

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    The Lyin' King

    Costume, prosthetic ears and hair pieces made by Dorian from upcycled and thrifted clothing. Photo by Mark Paterson.

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    Disco Santa

    Serving retro Silver Fox realness. Beard by Dorian.

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    Zombie... but make it drag

    Dorian as your favourite undead dandy. Face and chest sfx prosthetics made by Dorian.

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    Rubber Raven

    A fetish feathered costume made by Dorian from upcycled bicycle tyre inner tubes.

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    GanDILF the Gay

    Dorian casting some ‘Gandalf meets Merlin in a sexy forest’ dark magic. Beard by Dorian. Photo by Robbie Boyd.

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    Love at Frost Sight

    Dorian as Jack Frost representing Scotland in the first season of drag's answer to Eurovision, the EuroStars drag contest in which he placed in the Top 5 overall. Icicle beard, hair piece and costume shoulder "spikes-cicles" made by Dorian.

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    Rococo Dandy

    Dorian serving a genderf*ck fetish take on a Rococo Dandy ! Photo by Dan Redican.

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    "Codzilla" aka the Swamp Thing from the Sparkly Lagoon

    Prosthetic mask made by Dorian. Photo by Craig Steedman.

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    Dorian's take on Twisted Ringmaster meets Horror Clown. Photo by Lou McCurdy.

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    Dorian serving you intergalactic Space Cowboy fantasy

    Mask and costume made by Dorian from salvaged electronics, upcycled and repurposed objects and materials.

    Photo by Slay!

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    Dandy Cool

    Dorian serving sharped dressed man realness

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    Dorian's ode to the 1985 movie Teen Wolf starring Michael J. Fox

    Breakaway suit made by Dorian. Ever wondered what a naked werewolf looks like?

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    Winning him a Best Look award for a 2nd time, this costume was made from repurposed motorcycle armor, upcycled thrift store finds and fabric scraps, all lovingly crafted, hand-painted and rhinestoned by Dorian's fair hands.

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    Dorian as Scrooge

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    Daddy 2.0

    Photo by Liam Boath

  • Dorian t. Fisk showreel

    Dorian is currently in the UK and available for bookings:


    Scroll down for full performance videos

  • Dorian in the media

    He's not just a pretty face...

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    Creative Scotland, Jul 26 2023

    Brand Collab | 5 Magical Insights with Drag King Dorian T. Fisk...

    London North Eastern Railway,

    Created for Edinburgh Pride 2023

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    Somewhere For Us Magazine, 2023

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    The Guardian, Feb 1 2022

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    The Scotsman, Dec 16 2021

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    Glasgow Times, Apr 24 2021

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    The Scotsman, Apr 8 2021

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    Smart Shanghai

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    That's Shanghai

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    Timeout Shanghai

  • support dorian's art

    You can support Dorian's art anytime by chucking some tips in the virtual hat here PayPal.me/ISupportTheArts

    Any amount is appreciated and tipping is entirely optional, of course. Thank you, and stay well!

  • Videos

    Dorian having fun, fighting, pratting about up a pole, or taking off his clothes!

    'Eye Of The Tiger' parody...

    Created in April 2024 'for a thing' ... 😉 #iykyk 

     Shot and edited in Glasgow, Scotland 

    Old is gold! Long live digital drag!

    The Back End Boys...aka Scotland's hottest drag king boy band

    ...although with a king called 'Bobbin Willinghams' in the group, who knows how long they'll last ;-P

    The night he emerged from his man-cave...

    Performed Edinburgh April 2023

    The night he had everybody howling for more...

    Performed at the iconic Royal Vauxhall Tavern in London as part of Kings of Clubs hosted by legendary UK drag king Frankie Sinatra in November 2021.

    The night he caught a bear ...

    ...and very much lived to tell the tale!


    Performed at The Kings Peach, Slay Glasgow, November 2021

    The night that thirsty bloodsucking gunslinger returned...

    ...Halloween 2021

    The night he got a rather large parking fine...

    ...while saving Glasgow from an alien invasion

    The night things got darker than usual...

    Created under lockdown March 2021, as part of a digital drag monster contest.

    The night he realized he was small but mighty...


    Created and aired in digital shows Xmas 2020

    The night a narcissistic vampire's wife has enough of his bloody vice ...

    ...hangs herself and comes back to haunt him (consider that your Content Warning)


    Created and aired in digital shows Halloween 2020.

    The night he ...uh... well

    ...consider this an extreme sexiness 'content warning'

    The night he cloned himself cos it's lonely under lockdown...

    ...also: Trans Rights Are Human Rights FFS!


    Created August 2020, aired in 2 digital drag shows fundraising for trans causes in September 2020.

    The night a gunslinger from a galaxy far, far away, came to a planet under lockdown and served some intergalactic cyborg cowboy fantasy realness...

    ...Created while under lockdown in Scotland, May 2020

    The night he went vegan for a hot minute...

    ...Created during lockdown in Scotland as part of a Scottish drag community weekend of online shows raising over £1300 for the Black Lives Matter movement. No vegans were harmed in the making of this video.

    The night the Boiz were back in town...

    ...Performed at the Glasgow Drag Awards 2020.


    Featuring Andy Kist and Rudy Ramdazzle and Scotland's newest boi band, The Tackleberries.

    The night he slayed the competition and snatched the f*cking crown...


    Performed at the ShanghaiLGBT drag contest, November 30th 2019

    The night he became they...

    ...A genderf*ck version of an act that debuted in Scotland earlier this year... forced into being due to a resurgence of censorship in China and not being allowed to show boi chesticles even when they're covered with pasties.. however, it's still ok for a cis man to get his tits out.. (git tae fuck w'that shite!)


    Performed in Shanghai, Oct 2019

    The night they played D&D...

    ...and things got a little out of hand


    Performed at Nerd-a-liscious, a drag show for freaks and geeks.


    The Pearl, Shanghai, Sept 7 2019.

    The night he went vegan...

    ...aka bacon-gate


    Performed at The Pearl, Shanghai's Drag-tacular Year of the Pig show, March 2nd 2019

    The night He got lucky - twice!

    ...serving you the King of Love is Love is Love...


    Performed December 15th 2018 at The Pearl, Shanghai

    The night He walked amongst the people of Shanghai...

    ...and they mainly gave zero fucks


    Christmas day, 2018, Shanghai

    The night s/he flew 5000 miles to kick some drag queen ass...

    ...Winning 3rd Place in the professional category, and Best Look King at the 12th annual ShanghaiLGBT drag contest, December 8th 2018

    The night he returned from the dead...

    ...aka #irondeficiencyproblems


    Performed at Swinging Kings of the Night Halloween show, Katie's Bar, Glasgow, Oct 19 2018

    The night he pulled out something very special...

    Performed at Extravaganza II: Tucked & Reloaded @ The Pearl, Shanghai, June 2 2018

    The night he told you to call him "Daddy"...

    ...a bit of draglesque to moisten your thighs


    Guest performing at Shanghai School of Burlesque's Summer Showcase, June 2018 @ The Pearl

    The night he took a sip from the wrong woman's water bottle...

    ...Performed at Extravaganza II: Tucked & Reloaded @ The Pearl, Shanghai, June 2 2018

    Dorian T. Fisk in "I was bored, it was Monday and she asked nicely..."

    aka "Ah, Shanghai - the city where you indeed find yourself being in an 80s throwback, homoerotic wrestling music video for a friend’s homework assignment"


    ...Apologies to fellow actor Evan Danger for the non-consensual eggplant poking 😝


    Directed by Casey Li Brander
    Music “Yes, homo!” by Shanghai band, Ugly Girls

    Dorian & The Douchecopters debut performance at Ladyfest Shanghai...

    ..."Two weeks ago, being a drag king in Shanghai was a pretty lonely existence. Now, not so much!" Dorian T. Fisk


    Two Band Men on a Ship...

    ...aka that month when four times a week, I kicked Seb's ass and he stabbed me twice nightly

    The night that he was gay and okay..

    ...Featuring Annie Bodescant, Wuwu Yan, and Elise EN, performed at Happiness42's SatDragDay in Shanghai, October 21 2017


    The night Muay Thai met Drag...

    Debut performance at Candor in Shanghai, featuring Wittaya PhraiPhruek, aka Kao.

    The night he met a certain someone...

    Debut performance of "When the penny drops" featuring Elise EN and London Summers at Shanghai's biggest ever drag show - Drag Extravaganza XXL @ The Pearl, July 8th 2017

    The night he tasted blood and he liked it...

    "Bloodlust" revamped! Performed on June 2nd & 3rd 2017 at the Pearl, Shanghai, with the delicious Elise EN in Qi-POW! Burlesque & Cabaret's final show ever - "Summer of Sin".

    The night he got his gun out...

    ...Dorian the gunslinger from the Wild West

    The night people might have gotten more than they bargained for...

    ...at least those in the front copped an eyeful

    The night she made a manpire very happy...

    ...aka "someone find the guy who took my glass!"

    The night three kings took to the stage...

    ...and rocked 'til panties dropped