• Dorian T. Fisk

    A concentrated dose of hyper-masculine drag with an occasional twist of burlesque, this multi-award winning, gender-bending performer serves up a heady cocktail of cheeky fun and sizzling sex appeal, often with a dash of otherworldly charm! Find out more below.

  • fave lewks

    Dorian's ode to the 1985 movie Teen Wolf starring Michael J. Fox

    Breakaway suit made by Dorian. Ever wondered what a naked werewolf looks like?

    Photo by Amy Irene Marquez

    Dorian as your favorite vampire dandy

    Photo by Vito Vitacca

    Dorian as Scrooge


    Winning him a Best Look award for a 2nd time, this costume was made from repurposed motorcycle armor, upcycled thrift store finds and fabric scraps, all lovingly crafted, hand-painted and rhinestoned by Dorian's fair hands.

    Daddy 2.0

    Chest harness fashioned from upcycled bicycle tyre inner tubes. Yes! He does commissions. Email for more info.

  • MORE About dorian

    Shortly after his 2016 debut, Dorian became the first King to place in the 10 year history of Shanghai’s annual drag contest and in 2018, he soared to new heights as one of the top 3 drag performers in China. A Euro Drag S2 Scotland finalist, he now calls Glasgow home.


    Cofounder of DKNSTRKT, a China-based collective of drag artists who host workshops for anyone to learn the art of drag, Dorian has also taught masterclasses at the Shanghai School of Burlesque. His drag king workshops have spawned several drag babies including the award-winning Mitch Bitchpleaser and Scotland's hottest drag king boi band, The Tackleberries. Dorian is also behind Shut Up & King (@shutupandking on Instagram) - a new Glasgow-based platform for Scottish drag kings everywhere - scroll down for information on upcoming workshops showcasing the talents of Scotland's drag kings.


    While under lockdown in Scotland, Dorian produced a 6 episode web series which asked the question "Can the everyday person find in their immediate neighborhood, all the things it might take to be a home drag king in these times of isolation?" (SPOILER ALERT: All you need is a little bit of ingenuity). Created by Dorian as a way to stay creative (read: sane) between applying for benefits and job hunting, All Dragged Up & Nowhere To Go also offers tidbits, insights and a behind the scenes look at the life of an out of work drag performer with very little talent for much else, and culminates in a spectacular final showdown.

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    You can support Dorian's art anytime by chucking some tips in the virtual hat here PayPal.me/ISupportTheArts

    Any amount is appreciated and tipping is entirely optional, of course.

    Tip over £30 and you get access to the All Dragged Up and Nowhere To Go web series bonus content. Thank you, and stay well!

  • Dorian t. Fisk showreel

    Dorian is currently in the UK and available for bookings:


  • Videos

    Dorian having fun, fighting, pratting about up a pole, or taking off his clothes!

    The night a gunslinger from a galaxy far, far away, came to a planet under lockdown and served some intergalactic cyborg cowboy fantasy realness...

    ...Created while under lockdown in Scotland, May 2020

    The night he went vegan for a hot minute...

    ...Created during lockdown in Scotland as part of a Scottish drag community weekend of online shows raising over £1300 for the Black Lives Matter movement. No vegans were harmed in the making of this video.

    The night the Boiz were back in town...

    ...Performed at the Glasgow Drag Awards 2020.


    Featuring Andy Kist and Rudy Ramdazzle and Scotland's newest boi band, The Tackleberries.

    The night he had them all howling for more...

    ...Performed in Edinburgh at The Rabbithole drag show's "Prom Night", Jan 28th 2020

    The night he slayed the competition and snatched the f*cking crown...


    Performed at the ShanghaiLGBT drag contest, November 30th 2019

    The night he became they...

    ...A genderf*ck version of an act that debuted in Scotland earlier this year... forced into being due to a resurgence of censorship in China and not being allowed to show boi chesticles even when they're covered with pasties.. however, it's still ok for a cis man to get his tits out.. (git tae fuck w'that shite!)


    Performed in Shanghai, Oct 2019

    The night they played D&D...

    ...and things got a little out of hand


    Performed at Nerd-a-liscious, a drag show for freaks and geeks.


    The Pearl, Shanghai, Sept 7 2019.

    The night all your goth ghost fantasies come true

    Dedicated to the delectable Elise EN.


    Performed July 30th 2019 at The Rabbit Hole, Edinburgh

    The night he went vegan...

    ...aka bacon-gate


    Performed at The Pearl, Shanghai's Drag-tacular Year of the Pig show, March 2nd 2019

    The night He got lucky - twice!

    ...serving you the King of Love is Love is Love...


    Performed December 15th 2018 at The Pearl, Shanghai

    The night He walked amongst the people of Shanghai...

    ...and they mainly gave zero fucks


    Christmas day, 2018, Shanghai

    The night s/he flew 5000 miles to kick some drag queen ass...

    ...Winning 3rd Place in the professional category, and Best Look King at the 12th annual ShanghaiLGBT drag contest, December 8th 2018

    The night he returned from the dead...

    ...aka #irondeficiencyproblems


    Performed at Swinging Kings of the Night Halloween show, Katie's Bar, Glasgow, Oct 19 2018

    The night he pulled out something very special...

    Performed at Extravaganza II: Tucked & Reloaded @ The Pearl, Shanghai, June 2 2018

    The night he told you to call him "Daddy"...

    ...a bit of draglesque to moisten your thighs


    Guest performing at Shanghai School of Burlesque's Summer Showcase, June 2018 @ The Pearl

    The night he took a sip from the wrong woman's water bottle...

    ...Performed at Extravaganza II: Tucked & Reloaded @ The Pearl, Shanghai, June 2 2018

    Dorian T. Fisk in "I was bored, it was Monday and she asked nicely..."

    aka "Ah, Shanghai - the city where you indeed find yourself being in an 80s throwback, homoerotic wrestling music video for a friend’s homework assignment"


    ...Apologies to fellow actor Evan Danger for the non-consensual eggplant poking 😝


    Directed by Casey Li Brander
    Music “Yes, homo!” by Shanghai band, Ugly Girls

    Dorian & The Douchecopters debut performance at Ladyfest Shanghai...

    ..."Two weeks ago, being a drag king in Shanghai was a pretty lonely existence. Now, not so much!" Dorian T. Fisk


    Two Band Men on a Ship...

    ...aka that month when four times a week, I kicked Seb's ass and he stabbed me twice nightly

    Ponytail vs Moustache...

    ...somewhere between Ireland and New York, 1912

    The night she fed his Frankenstein...

    ...featuring Elise EN, performed at SatDragDay, Happiness 42, October 2017

    The night that he was gay and okay..

    ...Featuring Annie Bodescant, Wuwu Yan, and Elise EN, performed at Happiness42's SatDragDay in Shanghai, October 21 2017


    The night Muay Thai met Drag...

    Debut performance at Candor in Shanghai, featuring Wittaya PhraiPhruek, aka Kao.

    The night he just wanted to be a woman...

    Performing in Shanghai to Powderfinger's cover of Portishead's "Glory Box" on July 27 2017 at Cinemq16 : 变装 Drag event in celebration of International Drag Day.

    The night he met a certain someone...

    Debut performance of "When the penny drops" featuring Elise EN and London Summers at Shanghai's biggest ever drag show - Drag Extravaganza XXL @ The Pearl, July 8th 2017

    The night he tasted blood and he liked it...

    "Bloodlust" revamped! Performed on June 2nd & 3rd 2017 at the Pearl, Shanghai, with the delicious Elise EN in Qi-POW! Burlesque & Cabaret's final show ever - "Summer of Sin".

    The night he got punched in the dick, and things went downhill from there...

    ...guest performing with Elise EN in Ariana Grindr's rendition of "Before He Cheats" at Qi-POW! Burlesque & Cabaret's "Summer of Sin" show, June 2017

    The night he got his gun out...

    ...Dorian the gunslinger from the Wild West

    The night she wouldn't let him get any sleep...

    ...aka #vampireproblems 


    Performed at the launch of DKNSTRKT, January 2018, Shanghai

    "Fight Night" at The Pearl...

    ...getting shady once again

    "Fight Night" at Shanghai's 1st annual Drag King party...

    ...aka "can I have my shirt back now?"...



    Evolution of Dorian T. Fisk, a Drag King...

    ...this showreel shows the evolution of Dorian as a performer in 2016, from August when he came out from behind the red curtains to closing the year with an achievement that makes his mum very proud...

    The night people might have gotten more than they bargained for...

    ...at least those in the front copped an eyeful

    The night she made a manpire very happy...

    ...aka "someone find the guy who took my glass!"

    The night he popped a certain cherry...

    ...or certainly bruised a couple of plums

    The night three kings took to the stage...

    ...and rocked 'til panties dropped

    King Me: Rise of a Drag King - Dorian T. Fisk Audition...

    ...Feelin' the Shanghai crew love...


    King Me: Rise of a Drag King - the first WORLDWIDE Drag King race that will be aired in January 2017

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